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General Info[]

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This wiki is a sandbox for integrating Lua with Mediawiki using the Lua extension. In order to replace mediawiki templates, a decent library of html templating functions needs to be developed, and this wiki is intended to be a testing site for that. For the Fandom/Wikia for Lua, click here.

Mediawiki Foundation Plans[]

Check out the mediawiki foundation status page The extension which is enabled on this wiki is Extension:Lua. The foundation is moving development efforts to Extension:Scribunto, and I will deploy that on this wiki asap.

What is lua?[]

Lua (pronounced /ˈluː.ə/, LOO-ə) is a lightweight, reflective, imperative and functional programming language, designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal. The name comes from the Portuguese word lua meaning "moon". Lua has a relatively simple C API compared to other scripting languages.

Because both Lua and JavaScript use prototype-based objects and were influenced by Scheme, they feature many common semantics, despite the great differences in syntax. In its design, Lua is also similar to Icon, perhaps due to both of them being influenced by SNOBOL.

Lua is widely used in the video game industry. Apart from games, Lua has been used in many applications, both commercial and non-commercial.